Today’s video guitar lesson shows you how to play Rylynn by Andy McKee.

Check back next week for more video tabs.

In case you’re new to this song, here’s a little background:

Rylynn by Andy McKee is a highly charged, emotional song, which he plays with deep feeling. It is thought that he named the song after the child of a family friend who sadly passed away unexpectedly. But in spite of this it is still a light song, as if he was also celebrating the life of a child who has left a light but permanent mark on the world.

It must be up there with Highway to Heaven as one of the songs that most people try to learn and cover. In fact, although it does look complicated, once the tabs are noted, then it does not seem to be complicated. He uses capo on the fifth fret, on the sixth, fifth, fourth and third strings.

But it is the sheer artistry of watching him play which is so awe inspiring. He plays it so lightly that it trips along. Most of the covers seem to be slower and heavier, like children, learning to walk, running after the father. Every time he plays it he seems to be totally absorbed in it. It starts off slowly and with a feeling of regret and loss, but is very light and running in the middle section.

Rylynn can be found on his third album, The Art of Motion, which was released in 2005 on Candyrat records. This album contains many of the other songs which he is famous for as well as some additional songs from his second album, Dreamcatcher.

This song grabs the listener from the first few notes and his beat, tapped out on the guitar. It keeps hold of you right the way through. But the ending is truly amazing. He seems to be playing to two different timings, a riff and one handed melody. He is truly a genius!

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Comment by Graham
2007-04-16 21:26:18

Wow this is amazing! I’ve just recently been exposed to Andy Mckee, and indeed this whole acoustic fingerstyle world 0 it’s blowing my mind. I’ve been playing guitar for several years now, but feel as if my skill has severely declined, due to irregularity with lessons and practice. I was wondering if anybody had any tips or suggestions for me to begin to improve my accuracy with notes, and speed, and even intuition on the guitar. Maybe one day I can play like Andy – that would be great!

Thanks so much,


Comment by ellan peligro
2008-03-22 22:15:20

is their’s tabs now????????

Comment by andy
2008-03-24 00:22:14

ive been playing for 25 must learn the neck from open to the 12th fret then it all starts over.the open chord shapes repeat themselves in every key.they each have scale shapes that are the same for their respective chords.then strumming and picking styles should be started slowly and speeded up as you can execute them accurately.the alternative tunings that andy mckee uses makes it technically easier to play complicated sounding music.there are many different tunings to choose from.i use cgdgcd and open e tuning alot along with of course eadgbe.
mckee is really good and his music sounds very nice.
it is important that you design practice exercises that sound good so that the music you develop will also sound good.


Comment by george thomas
2009-10-15 22:24:47

Your music drenches me with emotions and experience. I have been working on para-diddled alternations and various open tunings and have been stuck many a times, trying to invent something new. Your music gives me what i need to continue loving the world through music. Thank you for your wonderful words hidden within the spectrum of your talent:)

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Comment by Alex
2009-12-14 06:46:48

This is in the tuning (from lowest to highest) ECDGAD, he has a partial capo on the fifth fret covering the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th strings

Comment by Luis Lebrun
2007-04-17 23:46:53

Soy de colombia y bueno digo desde aca con la boca abierta el corazon mas lleno de sangre que nunca y el alma feliz que esta es una de las mejores canciones acusticas que haya escuchado. Es increible el sentimiento que tiene.. Hermano Andy realmente mi mente queda perpleja antes estas notas y estos acordes.


Luis Lebrun

Comment by MAnu
2007-10-28 15:26:55

Si es increible, casi se le caen a uno las lagrimas al oir semejante cosa tan hermosa… yo tambien soy de Bogota, pero no se donde rayos se esconde la gente que tiene la sensibilidad de usar internet para ver cosas asi en vez de ver porno o futbol. Escribame y compartamos musica y experiencias

Comment by Tombstone
2010-09-08 03:41:58


Comment by Luis Lebrun
2007-04-17 23:48:26

Pleasee upload the tab i wana try play this song.. thanks!!! :)

Comment by john
2007-04-23 17:49:44

ghhaah *drools* iv been waiting for sum1 to tabs this out >

Comment by Marshall
2007-04-24 11:28:50

ahy algo mejor?… se puede crear algo mejor?… para que tantos efectos, tanta distorcion y pedales en cuando no se ha dominado el intrumento de la manera y la monstruosa tecnica y el sonido del cielo que tiene esta adorable creatura de Dios. no hay algo que exprese tanto como este tipo lo ha hecho, esto es increible… si alguien conose la palabras que digan lo que quiero expresar despues de verlo, que me las diga, porque yo no las conozco.

Comment by steve
2007-05-03 06:08:31

graham, in accordance with your comment, you cant expect to learn it just like that, it takes time and commitment.

My best advice is to slow down when your learning something to be able to take in every little note, bend or whatever it needs. Once it can be done slow, just move ya tempo up a bit until u reach the level you hope to be at.. however be sure to learn the parts you want to know properly for the best form of staisfaction before going on to play them as fast as the real thing.

As for andy mckee, you can’t really learn what he plays because it comes from the soul and his ability to play the guitar and make this stuff comes as fluently to him as speaking english does to you or myself. its an unlearnable ability but i believe that if you want something bad enough, you can make it yours but it just takes time and commitment.

glad you’ve seen andy because he has proved an eye-opener to most young people who are upcoming in the art of guitar.

gd luck and all the best for now. you can contact me directly at (dont let the email name fool ya), always happy to help as im also studying this song and have almost got it now. just the harmonics to go!!!!

later mate

Comment by alex
2007-05-07 14:22:56

tabs, tabs, tabs…. we need tabs!!!!!

Comment by jon
2009-01-17 18:59:43

its in C, the capo is a half capoed on the fret between 5-6 and the last 2 strings are tuned down a step so its e,a,d,g,a,d work from tehre ull figure it out.. besides that makes u better..

Comment by josh
2007-05-20 12:37:01


Comment by Paulopiercing
2007-05-22 12:18:03

His best song…
Waitting for the tab…

Comment by Andy
2007-05-30 13:34:30

Does anyone know if this is in standard tuning or altered? I can see hes using partial capo though. Guess Ill also have to wait until someone posts up the tab.

Comment by Sarith
2007-06-04 00:48:29

Hey Andy,
The tuning is ECDGAD. First tune it to this, then capo on fifth fret from strings 3-6; so the fattest 4 strings are capped and the thinnest two remain. Still working on the whole song, i’ll post a tab or a tutorial moment I’ve finished.

Comment by Andy
2007-06-04 15:14:41

Great, thanks for reply Sarith. Look forward to you tab.

Comment by Juuu
2007-06-05 13:49:54

he is just the man… its impressionant how he plays… PLEASE… WE NEED TABS!!!

Comment by frankass
2007-06-07 02:51:45

put the tabs please, i want to play it!!!

Comment by Leslie
2007-06-08 08:06:44

You have to realize that this isn’t the kind of music that just anybody can simply sit down and tab out. Andy McKee is one of the best accoustic guitars out there, so kudo’s to anyone who can actually correctly tab his music. You can try someplace like, but tabs found there will likely not be perfect. Also, if you’re that desperate for the tabs to Andy McKee’s music they can be bought at

Comment by Berg
2007-06-17 05:48:00

Andy is just the best guitar player i ever heard:) he makes my day…

Comment by Sarith
2007-06-20 11:07:09

Alright I’ve figured out the introduction and ‘first verse’ so to speak. Leslie’s right, it really IS difficult to tab out so i’ll post a video tutorial for how far i’ve got. I’m in the middle of my A levels (external british exam, bit like SAT II) right now but i’ll post it the moment I’ve finished… probably be around wednesday next week. Just a fore-warning for people sure to flame the tutorial, I know i don’t play it perfectly, I’m just sharing with everyone else the progress I’ve made.

Comment by Adams
2007-06-23 19:27:05

Please put the tabs !!!

Comment by Sarith
2007-06-24 00:13:35

Hey I’m just finishing up the tab and tutorial, if anyone’s interested in learning from it there’re two things your going to have to be familiar with beforehand.
The first is the constant slapping that Andy uses throughout the song. I suggest you learn something like the introduction to “why Georgia” by John Mayer just to get a feel for it. The second thing you need to do is get used to plucking with your ring finger as this is done a lot in Rylynn and not in a lot of other popular songs.

Tab should be up in the next few days.

Comment by Jonathan
2007-06-26 08:48:46

Hey everyone!
This song is really amazing. This is going to be next project after John Butler Trio’s – Ocean.

Looking forward to your tabs Sarith ; ) Just a question, is it the real tab that you’ve bought from his site or is it one of your own?

Thanks again :) Now it’s just to wait

Comment by Matt
2007-06-26 23:09:09

Hey I have set 3 (For My Father,Nocturne,Keys to the Hovercar,Dreamcatcher)and set 5 (Rylynn,Ouray,Common Ground,I Will See You Again) which I have purchased off of the Candyrat website, willing to trade any of the tabs for the africa tab…drop me an email
I will not give them away for free, he is an amazing artist and deserves our support…I just don’t want to pay 20 dollars for 1 tab

Comment by Colin
2007-07-07 20:15:34

Hey so are the tabs for this song now posted? I really wanna learn this song.

Comment by admin
2007-08-07 11:20:33

A link to the Rylynn tab is now posted. Download them here (

Trackback by Popular Science
2007-10-08 21:18:48

Popular Science…

I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting…

2007-12-04 18:54:09

Music Search and Music Downloads…

Sorry, it just sounds like a crazy idea for me :)

Comment by mike
2007-12-08 07:52:16

Guys, wtf. U r all liek gimme tabs…thers blatez no tabs. just figer it out u plebs. Its a piece of piss

Comment by Andy
2008-07-31 14:12:09

Man i just wanted to say you are truley gifted and its just amazing what you can do with that acoustic honestly unreal .So my hats off to you man ,Keep it up ur great

Comment by Sholeh
2008-10-05 05:55:10

AsSL, z jg mw sekali belajar skill gitar seperti itu! Hampir tiap hari z berlatih n mempraktekkan “drifting”, satu dari beberapa lagu favoritku! That’s good Andy, I would like to learn to be like you! Thanks ^_^

Comment by TomMyyy
2008-11-14 21:10:35

Hey … Someone who like you .. lol
do you also have the tabs for Art Of Motion because i really like that song and it would be awesome :D if you could tab it out,
Thanks :)

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2009-01-22 11:56:24

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Comment by simon
2009-04-25 12:10:40

hey what gives so where is the tutorial thay u said u were gonna teach i see nothing but andy mckees vid?? wat gives make a tutorial already!

Comment by Steve
2009-08-24 18:58:29

Where’s the tabs? If I wanted to see his video I’d have just gone to youtube.

Comment by Paulina
2009-11-29 10:13:02

just amzing, wheres nothing else to say, i wish i could play like him ….

Comment by Rich Taylor
2010-04-16 14:26:41

Andy McKee…

You are a truly amazing guitarist and a true inspiration. Your music is really relaxing and a pleasure to listen to…


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